Avenue del Mar

Soft green grass is broken up with natural sweetwater stepping stones leading up to the entrance and veering off at a fork to the sand stone fire pit. polished sweetwater coping surrounding the pool and jacuzzi lends fine lines and a formal expression in the back yard of this property. The New York Blue Stone fireplace waits to warm the scene on a cool summer evening. The combination of the two styles keeps the landscape alive with creative activity.

Birnam Wood

Nestled behind sandblasted sandstone walls lies a labyrinth of cool and peaceful nooks, quaint gardens and simple strolls bordered by sandstone walls and walkways. And for those chilly days, step inside to the tranquil elegance of limestone fireplaces with marble hearths.

Buena Vista

This residence is a fine example of how the grandeur of stone can make a statement. With both outer and interior sandstone veneer one is transported back to medieval times yet still present with the conjures and fine lines of modern masonry. Combining several different elements of stone textures and techniques our masons evoke the…

Cima Vista

This grand estate gives impeccable examples of how the many different varieties of stone and their assorted textures meld together with a landscape to create an iridescent harmony of space. The main house is enclosed with Sandstone veneer complete with Sweetwater pool and patio paving. Sweetwater paths wind their way through green lawns, past decorative…

East Valley Rd. #1

Enter the mythical rock structures of a bygone past. Let the stone veneers and archways and looming chimneys take hold of images of cottage castles and tucked away hide-a-ways that beckon you to walk leisurely in the open spaces surrounding the house. The flagstone patios and sweetwater paths lead you through the grounds revealing sandstone…